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He seems to be caught up in a different romance every week. Archie is nice enough, but Veronica is a determined, fiery, and independent woman, and she deserves more than a lost boy who can't figure out what (or who) the hell he wants.

First, there was his illicit affair with Miss Grundy, his music teacher; then, his short-lived fling with Valerie, followed by that weird pseudo courtship between him and Cheryl; and now we're back to Veronica. Plus, both of them have some heavy family issues to sort out before jumping into a relationship.

In Issues # 603–605, the story switches and Archie proposes marriage to Betty instead of to Veronica.

Issue #606 serves as the epilogue to the story and ties the previous six issues together.

the first issue of a six-part story arc detailing their engagement, marriage and life together.

The publishers of Archie Comics did not expect the response they would get from readers and longtime fans telling them they made a mistake in Archie's choice.

'I'm taking to Twitter (because I see where she is being attacked here) and I ask that she be respected as a woman I love and admire.

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The story features a futuristic look into the life of Riverdale teen Archie Andrews and his subsequent engagement to Veronica Lodge after his college graduation.

Archie's mom just catapulted back into his life, and Veronica is still trying to piece together all the secrets her parents have been hiding.

Not to mention the ongoing murder investigation that's still looming over the town.

Mendes was born in Virginia to Brazilian parents and even lived in Brazil for a year when she was younger.

In an interview with she explained that she was drawn to Veronica's character because “she was Latina, and they weren't trying to push any stereotype on her.

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