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Bill was a World War II veteran and exemplified the characteristics of a true Rotarian.

Bill, it was an honor to know you and have you as an active club member.

Next morning I stroll over to Rotary and state 'that tv seems not to be a runner'..... this to me is extra appaling when the charity in question states they are there to help the homeless and people in poverty.... It's my favourite way of spending saturday afternoon wandering around all of long eaton's charity shops.

I am curtly informed that it 'needs a freeview box' & 'no we don't have one'. that'll sort em out :-)I wonder sometimes that about all the charity shops. But then I'm only looking at books and CDs etc not TVs. Many many years ago when I was working for one charity I remember meeting a Mr Nutter from I think the rotary, he was off loading blankets.

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By 1882, the company was producing about 60,000 machines each year.

Ulrich Zielinski, Refratechnik Cement Gmb H; Anett Fischer, ZKG; and Martin Bollongino, Schenk Process Gmb H (from left) The destination of ZKGs field trip early this summer was the Dyckerhoff cement plant Lengerich, one of the Buzzi Unicem Groups largest operations.

Forty-five students and their mentors were happy to accept an invitation by ZKG International and several participating industrial partners to take this study tour to northwestern Germany on the 9 of June.

The visitors hailed from the mechanical engineering and economics departments of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, the process engineering and mineral resources departments of Bochum Technical University of Applied Sciences/TFH, and the mechanical process engineering department of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences/HAW.

Following a word of welcome by Anett Fischer, Editor-in-Chief of ZKG International, the students received an introduction to The cement-making process at Lengerich Cement Plant.

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