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You know you are out of Tehran when you pass the Imam Khomeini shrine -- the main monument to Iran's first Supreme Leader, who came to power following the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The shrine isn't quite finished yet, but even from the highway you can see the huge dome and four golden minarets that are still surrounded by scaffolding.

We started our trip in the capital Tehran, a gigantic sprawling metropolis with about 12 million inhabitants. It was only really developed in the past few hundred years.

It has great cafés and restaurants and some interesting landmarks, but none of the really ancient Persian sites that tell the story of this impressive civilization. There is heavy traffic almost any time of day, which is why it took us a very long time to actually leave the city and get on the highway.

But this interpretation does not apply to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country that has remained remarkably stable and steadfast in the face of internal, regional, and international threats.

How then to account for the government’s tolerance of smuggled cigarettes?

One out of every five packs bought in Iran are of unclear provenance, untaxed, and often lack the required health warnings.This enormous black market of cigarettes is hidden in plain sight, with contraband packs sold openly in shops and markets.The prevalence of smuggling in any economy is usually interpreted as a sign of state weakness, an indication that the rule of law is poorly enforced, that borders are porous, and that organized crime runs rampant.Last month, the ruling cleric said during meetings with Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro some members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries were using oil as a geopolitical tool to contain Iran.The use of "oil as a weapon," he said, is in "total coordination with America's policies." Clinton as secretary of state helped drive early momentum on Iranian negotiations the led to the landmark nuclear deal in 2015.

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