Helping kids cope with dating after divorce

If you start dating prematurely, you could be hurting — rather than honoring — those you date.When Becky was invited to lunch by a man she met at a bookstore, she was excited. Even though she has decided to wait a few years until her daughter is grown to reenter the dating scene, she's confused about how to proceed."When Madaline is out of the house I want to date, but I don't know how." Samantha has been divorced for only a year, but would like to start dating again even though her two boys are still in elementary school.The skills they learn by fighting through disagreements with their siblings can serve them...The weeks leading up to heading back to school aren't always easy for both children and their parents alike.and But here's the thing, Mom: those potshots at your ex actually damage your children.Those mean-spirited "in the moment," "no big deal" comments carry enormous short and long-term repercussions for kids.

Even if you don't tell your kids about the infidelity, they are likely to find out if they are old enough to understand, simply by overhearing arguments between parents or conversations you have with other people.

Ending the relationship may have provided some relief to the conflict between the parties involved, but those who have children together learn quickly that there is a need...

Sibling rivalry occurs naturally as children grow and can be a positive aspect of a child’s development, allowing them to work through disputes within the safety of their family unit.

The staff quickly helped support me in setting up proper... My ex wife and I have been divorced for over 9 years and I was told it would get easier. OFW allows the emotion to be taken out of the conflicts and you can treat the relationship like a...

Overcoming conflict is often easier said than done between two individuals who have divorced or separated.

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