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If it has been stabilized, the line is obsoleted, otherwise it is retained. /bin/env python import re import portage vartree = portage.db[portage.root]['vartree'] with open('/etc/portage/package.accept_keywords') as f: for x in f: # eat newline x = x.rstrip() # we only want lines with a bounded max version if re.match('^(=| or you will clobber the file and lose everything. The homepage link points to eix.but this doesn't exist.

config files in etcportage need updating-49

There are some Zone Minder packages (called 'ebuilds') available for Gentoo in the 'portage' tree.Gentoo will install dev-db/maria by default unless you configure otherwise.This will need to be configured prior to running Zone Minder and adding its database.I'm old school, and I manually edit all my Portage config files, mainly because I learned how to do it before portage did it automatically.The reason you have duplicates is because portage won't remove the line when a newer version supersedes an older one.

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